Alyssha Putt

Alyssha is a full time university student of interior design, with a side passion for health and fitness. She has witnessed the changes treatments have on clients and is enthusiastic to be a small part of the healing process.

 Alyssha has a long background in customer service and strives to create an accommodating and welcoming atmosphere.


Jen Westbrook

Jen Westbrook graduated from Niagara College with a diploma in educational resources and special needs. Jen has the talent and knowledge of speaking in three dialects of sign language and can also read braille. This knowledge has been a vital part of Jen’s work within the deaf/blind community for over fifteen years and is a proud component of Essential Physio’s barrier free efforts.

Jen recognizes a lot of faces, either from growing up in the community of Glen Morris or from her work as a receptionist in the YMCA. Jen’s kindness and generosity is seen in her work for the school snack program and when she offers hungry co-workers her snacks. When Jen isn’t at work she is enjoying her family life with her two wonderful kids, husband and 1974 VW camper bus.