Classes & Workshops

At Essential Physiotherapy we believe in the power of knowledge. Whether or not you are a client here, we would love to offer you know how for a healthier life.


Infant Massage

During an infant massage session, the Registered Massage Therapist will treat the child and teach the parent massage techniques so treatment can be completed at home.

Benefits of Massage for Infants and Infants with Colic
Stimulation of the gastrointestinal system with massage techniques to relieve gas and improve digestion

Relieves stress through increased relaxation through the use of touch (for both infant and parent)

Helps to develop motor coordination

A means of communication and bonding between parent and child 

Future Dates: To be Determined

Cost: $25 per infant and 1 adult, additional $10 per adult

Private sessions:
Book your appointment for a time most convenient to you and your baby
Cost: $55.00

Bring an edible oil, a blanket or towel and diapers

Essentials to a Better Birth
Childbirth Classes

Our classes are small and individualized in order to meet your needs. We aim to provide you and your partner with the essentials to a natural birth.

Future Dates: 

Sunday April 28th and Sunday May 5th 2019

Cost: $150/couple
$40.00 deposit is required to reserve limited spots. 

Runners Workshop

Learn the basics of running, how the body moves, basic anatomy of running, common problems and prevention strategies.

Learn common injuries and how to prevent them, stretches for runners and how to do them correctly, strengthening and core exercises for runners.

Future Dates:  To be determined.

One on one sessions with physio Paul Jager can be scheduled along with a physio assessment/appointment

Cost:Workshop $Free!!
One on One sessions are the cost of a physio treatment appointment

Essential Oils Work Shop

The Essential Oils workshops are a great way to learn the many uses the oils provide towards health and wellness. The classes are usually after work hours or during lunch to accommodate a full schedule. Learn the basics or join the classes that teach you how to create daily items to better each day!

Some of the items have included:

All natural hand sanitizer

Lip Balm

Body Spray

Peppermint Body Scrub

Future Dates:  On Guard Essential Oils Special! 

Please call to reserve your spot

Cost: Varies. Workshops are free! However there may be a small cost to cover materials for making daily items. This cost ranges from $5-10